Add Some Oomph to your Salon’s Online Marketing with a Blog

A blog is a great way to get Google’s attention! I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘content is king’ a million times before. Google loves content but only quality content. A relevant, well written blog can see you up there in the rankings!

A salon blog gives you the perfect opportunity to supply both Google and your potential clients with fabulously fresh and appealing content. Keep it regular and you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader and gain a higher ranking in that Google search.

Don’t just write any old content. Your posts must be well written and appeal to your readers. Fill your posts with beauty tips and tricks that see your readers wanting more. Be useful and trustworthy. Think about those regular questions clients ask when they’re in your salon. Write insightful answers in a blog post and answer the questions that are on everyones lips! You’ll soon have a following of hungry readers.

Make sure you invite people to leave comments and ask questions. This will help you become the expert. Soon enough you’ll have people coming to you for advice and suggestions on beauty products / treatments etc. Some comments will give you ideas for your next post. Handy, right?!

Having a blog also helps with social media content. Ever have those days when you’re short on ideas for Facebook? Share tips from your blog posts with a link to the whole piece. This will increase traffic to your site as well as helping you grow followers. Winner!

So why not start your very own salon blog today? Gain more clients, up your Google ranking and get your social media singing!

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