5 Top Tips for Personalising your Beauty Brand

You need a consistent and effective tone of voice to succeed in social media today. Your Facebook profile is no longer a place to only display your beauty products in the best possible way. Followers also want to connect with the brands they use. They want to see who you are behind the business.

You need to be human and relatable to personalise your beauty brand, and the best way to do this is to establish your tone of voice. So how do you establish what your tone of voice is and become a brand with a personality? That’s simple! By defining who are as a business.

My 5 top tips to personalise your beauty brand are…

  1. Decide what makes you different to other beauty brands. What is it that gives you that unique edge?
  2. Who is your target customer? Are they formal or funny; young or mature?
  3. Map out what a typical day for your target customer would be. Do they work? Do they have children?
  4. Find out what your audience’s interests and values are and relate to them in your content.
  5. Ensure that the visual of your brand reflects your voice. When people visit your Facebook or Instagram account are they greeted with the visual experience they would expect from your written communication? Think about you colour scheme and logo.

The answers to the above will help you decide what your tone of voice should be when talking to your audience. Helping you create a personality that suits your brand and engages with your followers.

Once you’ve decided on all of the above don’t just keep it all bottled up in your head! Keep a record of the things we’ve outlined that you can refer back to and share with your team. This will stop any inconsistencies in tone and help you to refine if needed.

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