The Best Social Media Content for Beauty Businesses

Social media content across platforms such as Instagram has changed the way that beauty businesses are marketing themselves and the way that their customers engage with them.

People are able to rely less on photoshopped and enhanced advertisements and more on real time videos, tutorials and reviews from beauty brands and influencers. This gives the beauty world huge potential on social media to market their products and services effectively. It’s allowing small businesses to engage consumers without the need for a large budget.

So what’s the best social media content you can share to help you gain more customers? Well that’s simple. Consumers love beauty tips, tricks and tutorials, and this type of content doesn’t have to come from influencers like beauty bloggers but can come from the source too. Whatever product or service you’re selling, why not show your potential customers how it can be used to its full potential. Give them a tutorial on how to apply the make up, hair product, etc and what the finished product looks like.

Maybelline New York is a perfect example of a well performing beauty brand on social media. Their Instagram account has a following of 5.2 million and they engage their customers through excellent visual content. Their video tutorials, behind the scenes clips and inspirational photos really capture their audience. They also encourage product sales through offering the bonus of how to’s for free!

Maybelline Instagram Social Media Content

No matter what the size of your beauty business you can use social media to increase engagement through providing great content for your followers. When it comes to beauty this means how to’s and beautiful imagery that inspires. Remember, the added bonus of a tutorial from a brand can encourage more sales.

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