7 Reasons Why a Facebook Business Page Trumps a Profile

Are you currently using a Facebook Profile to advertise your beauty business? Then you’re missing out on tools that can help your business grow. Facebook Business Pages allow you to grow a strong social presence and engage with clients in a personal way.

There are many good reasons why a Page trumps a Profile, but here’s my top 7…

  1. Star Ratings.  Facebook Pages give customers the chance to leave a review of the products or services you offer. Reviews encourage more business by creating awareness and helping Facebook users to discover you. Customers can leave starred reviews for all of Facebook to see, and Google can see them too. If you search your business name in Google the results page will display the business on the right hand side (taken from your my business profile on Google), included in the information shown will be star ratings from Facebook. If a user then clicks the star rating they will be taken to your Facebook Page where they can see all your reviews in more detail. So reviews can boost your SEO just by increasing your credibility and being seen as trustworthy!
  2. Access to data. Facebook Insights is only available on Pages and so if your using a Profile as a business, how do you know what kind of posts your followers engage with? Insights can be incredibly helpful, giving you all sorts of useful data that can help you grow your followers. You can see your page’s overall performance, which posts have the most engagement (views, clicks, reach and likes) and see demographic data on your audience.
  3. Run contests and advertise. You can’t possibly be effective on social media as a business without advertising at least a little! And how can you run advertisements or contests from a personal profile? That’s right, you can’t. Well unless you want to violate Facebook’s terms and conditions! Ads and promoted posts are offered on Pages and can help you reach more followers. The ads that you create can be targeted specifically to the audience you want. You can pick what their interests are and select age and gender in order to reach people that are most likely to engage with you.
  4. Pages look professional. A Profile being used to promote a business looks unprofessional. To most people nowadays, not having a specific Page for you business just looks lazy. You don’t want potential customers to look at your Facebook and the two first words that spring to mind be unprofessional and lazy, right?!!
  5. Business information. The only information that you can input on about as a Profile is birthday, gender and your relationship status, none of which apply yo your business! When setting up a business page not only can you choose a relevant category, but you can enter product or service information, reviews, address and contact information. All of this helps your followers to easily gain relevant information about your business.
  6. Potential to grow. Profiles limit you to 5.000 friends. Small business or not you should ALWAYS plan for growth!
  7. Admin roles. Assigning admin roles can be a god send! If you have employees that can help you manage your business Page then you can easily give them access without having to share you personal password! You can assign them to a role that suits you, giving them as little or as much access as you like.
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