3 Simple Father’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Beauty Business

Father’s Day is fast approaching and because your target market is women you’ve overlooked it right? Here are 3 Father’s Day marketing ideas for your beauty business to get noticed on social media!

1. The day may be centred around men, but WOMEN buy the gifts!

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So really your salon’s target market are exactly the people who are interested in hearing about Father’s day. In the weeks leading up to Father’s Day boldly display products for men in your salon. Let’s face it, most (or all!) Mothers are pressed for time so make it easy for them to buy from you. Put a few of your products / services together and create packages so they don’t have to. For example ‘Captain Caveman’ for the rugged dad! This could include back waxing, pedicure / manicure and a close cut shave. Or ‘The Hangover Package’, which could consist of peppermint products to help revitalise, an energising scrub and a soothing moisturiser.

Create posters that advertise the offers and place near the till or in the waiting area so that they’re easily visible. And it won’t hurt to bring it up in conversation. Customer’s like to chat so talk about their plans for Father’s Day. Then if it feels right you can slip in what you’re offering!

2. Everyone loves a chance to get snap happy on social media!

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‘My Stylish Dad and Me’ photo competition with a prize like a gift voucher or free massage can really persuade customers to engage. Not only does this help keep your current followers interested, but it will help you increase your social reach and attract new followers to your Page. That’s more potential clients! All you need to do is ask people to post photos of themselves with their Fathers when they’re looking their most stylish. They should tag your business Page in the photo too. Humour is a great way to open communication and I’m sure this kind of competition will attract a lot of bad hairstyles from Dad’s retro past! Announce the winner on Father’s day by reposting the winning photo and tagging the winner. This will be seen on the winner’s friends news feeds and is bound to get a few likes!

3. It’s not all about the sell, sell, sell!

Not all public holidays have to create a sale for you there and then. Sometimes it’s better to take part in the holiday theme on you social media Page(s) but with the aim being to gain interest, get more followers and keep your current customers engaged. Eventually these will turn into sales.

Instead of selling something, keep your page relevant and interesting by sharing photos, tips and tricks, and videos that will engage your followers and attract new ones. You could create a ‘How to be the Most Impeccably Groomed Man in the Room this Father’s Day’. Or ‘Anti-Ageing Tips and Tricks for Dads.’

You can also encourage conversation by asking followers to share a funny Dad story with you. For example ‘What’s the best piece of beauty advice your father has ever given you?’. Post your own with a funny image and the question. I’m sure people will have some funny antidotes to share!

There you have it! Father’s Day marketing ideas for your beauty business. Give them a go, they’re too simple not too!

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