Social Media Beauty Trends for Your Beauty Business

Keep on top of beauty trends! It’s a simple as that.  And don’t just tell your followers what’s trending but show them how to create the look themselves. You’ll stay relevant and soon become the expert in beauty! How awesome would it be to have people searching for you when they want insider knowledge on what beauty products or styles are trending?

Lucky for you I’m here to get you started! So, what looks are trending at the minute? Here’s just a few…

Fake Tan Baby!

For so many people this year, tanning has become an essential part of their beauty routine. Everyone has always liked a tan though right, so what’s new? Sheen! People are opting for a luxe, almost wet look when it comes to their fake tan. Not dissimilar to the metallic shimmer makeup and nail trend!

If you offer fake tans make sure you have one that creates a gleam. Photograph a client looking like they’ve just stepped of a yacht in Marbella and hit social media with it! If fake tans aren’t something that your beauty salon offers you can still post about the trend by recommending a self-tanning product you think creates the look.

No Heat Beach Waves

Girls love a good beach wave but not everyone is lucky enough to have it come naturally. Teach your followers how to achieve the look through photo or video tutorial. Check out Song of Styles take on the ultimate wave.

Be Metallic

Metallic nails are everywhere this year. Nail salons have the perfect opportunity to sell the trend! Get snapping your client’s metallic nails and tagging them on Facebook or write a blog post on the look and suggest colours that will look great during summer.

Straight up Sparkling!

Glitter has entered 2017 in style! From your festival hair look down to your Saturday night party lip! Inspire your followers with a blog post on how to sparkle whatever the occasion!

That, ladies and gents is my top 4 beauty trends of 2017! But there are tons more, so you’ll never be short of content again right?!

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